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Welcome to our mindfulness page. We're so glad you've found us. We love practising, teaching and talking about mindfulness, meditation and living a conscious life!

In fact we spend a lot of our days talking about this stuff!!

My name is Amanda and I truly believe everyone deserves and can live a happy and fulfilled life.  However, I also realise in today's world this can be difficult. The pressures of modern day life are causing chronic stress, anxiety and depression to  become the norm!


Our children are suffering too. I regularly see children with mental health issues,  preventing them from functioning on a day to day basis.  This is devastating to see, however I know and believe with the correct approach and support, there is light for the future. 

At Zoti we offer a range of mindfulness and meditation packages to suit your individual needs. 

We offer a( 1-1), 8 week mindfulness and meditation course. This would be suitable if you prefer something more person centred for stress, anxiety and depression. This is available for both adults and children and will be tailored accordingly.

We can do small private groups for approx 8-10 people. This again will be an 8 week course

We also offer packages for schools in which we deliver the 'DOT B' mindfulness programme from the MISP ( Mindfulness in schools project) for children age 11-18

We have and can deliver the programme to year 6 students also. 

If your are interested or would like to know more about mindfulness and the benefits it can bring to yours and your childrens  lives or you are a headteacher of a school feel free to email amanda@zotiproject.co.uk



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