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Zoti  Project

zone out Tune In

We are advocatesof the 

'slow fashion '


We sell vintage, we upcycle

and we design sustainable

hoodies and tees.

We support fair trade and ethical companies, whilst benefiting

artisans from around the world

for our earth friendly gifts.

our hoodies, tees and gifts are all 100% vegan

our mission is to helpsave the planet, save the animals and help people living in poverty.

choose well, choose love!


ZOTI Collection





At Zoti we believe there is a shift in consciousness and people are waking up.

 'Consumers want to know where their clothes are from? Who made them ? Are they fair-trade? Fair pay ? Is it sustainable fabric etc?

With this in mind, we make conscious choices when dealing with brands and suppliers. We will not work with any supplier who supports animal cruelty or uses animal derivitives at any cost. 

Our skincare range, gifts and clothing are all 100% vegan. 

Unfortunately we cannot be 100% sure of any animal by-products used in the dyeing process of our vintage products, however we feel we are doing our bit for the planet, by encouraging circular fashion and avoiding clothing ending up in landfill, and in particular our upcyling projects also.

Our aim, is to encourage people to become more mindful of the way in which we shop and consider the implications this may have on our planet and its habitants. 


We love fashion, and nice things, but not at a cost to the planet, an animal or a person.

Lets try and create a more mindful and balanced world and maybe we can all live in peace and harmony as one!


We believe mindful children our the future. I therefore trained as a Dot B Mindfulness teacher with the 'Mindfulness in Schools Project'and work voluntary throughout schools in the Liverpool and am a keen advocate of mindfulness, meditation and yoga. There is more information about mindfulness and how it can help you, your family or friends on the Mindfulness page at the top.  

We'd love you to follow our instagram page, ZOTI MINDFULNESS,  for some mindful quotes, positive tips for dealing with stress, and anxiety and hopefully some inspiration on living a more mindful life!

Thanks for visiting our site,  peace and love always

Amanda xx



Lets Save Our Beautiful Planet!




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